Reservation : Paragon Hall 3

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Paragon Hall 3
Paragon Hall 1-3

Service provided

included 08:00 - 24:00 00:01 - 08:00


Hall light in service area


Air-conditioning in service area

Stage Platform

Standard stage platform

Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangement

Electrical Supply

350 Amps electrical supply.

Free Parking

2-hrs free parking for all visitor; otherwise, 4-hrs 60 baht parking fee with stamp validation.

Cleaning Service

Standard cleaning service.

Security Service

Standard security service.

Free Parking

Free parking for organizer and contractors.

Walk-through detector

Walk-through detector service.

Media Support

Based on availability

Glass Wall Sticker

Glass Wall Sticker, in front of Rama 1 road.

Plasma Screen

Plasma Screen, at Royal Paragon Hall Entrance.

PR on venue’s social media

PR on venue’s social media (Facebook & Instagram)

Reservation Detail

Reservation Date

January 2023
01 January 1970
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Service Rate
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Service Rate
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